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Animal Crossing WW IC Blog

or How I found the pengiun and what I did to her once I found her.

Animal Crossing Wild World Blog
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Welcome to the Animal Crossing: Wild World Blog.
Or should I call it the IC blog. This little journal was inspired by N-Sider's Wild Blog a little journal created by the staff of N-Sider to chronical their In-Character adventures in ACWW. So I've done just the same only I haven't limited it to staff only.

1) All, and I do mean ALL, entries must be In-Character. Post as if you were your funny looking ACWW guy and actually living there.
2) Replies do not have to be in character (as anyone can reply)
3) Keep it family friendly. Now you can get dirty and vile but my neice and nephew might read this one day and well. Let's keep the graphic parts toned down eh?
4) Have fun and try and be creative.

So join up, post your first day and keep em rollin.